A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Protection

For over 30 years, I have offered aggressive representation for clients in the greater Brainerd area and throughout Minnesota.

I began my career as a prosecutor, and now serve solely as a criminal defense attorney. My background on both sides of the law has allowed me to cultivate a thorough understanding of criminal proceedings — an understanding I leverage to build vigorous, persuasive defenses for my clients.

A Local Lawyer Is Key To Navigating The Local Courts

Successful representation in Crow Wing County depends on more than just knowledge of the law. It is a local jurisdiction, and an insider’s familiarity is imperative to assuring you receive proper representation. I have practiced criminal law in the region for decades, and provide defense for a range of charges, including:

I understand the nuances of the regional court system. I understand the prosecution’s mindset, and know when it is advisable to negotiate and when a more desired outcome can be achieved in court. Simply put, I have the experience to prepare the strongest possible representation for your case.

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Take Charge Of Your Defense Today

I accept collect calls from jails and correctional facilities in Brainerd and the surrounding area, and can arrange an onsite visit. In most cases I will work on a flat-fee basis, negotiated up-front. To schedule a free consultation, you may call my office at 218-825-0861, or contact me through my online form.