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Driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges carry serious penalties. If you are stopped and arrested while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or another controlled substance, you need an experienced and competent criminal defense attorney to get you out of jail and fight hard to prevent your conviction.

At the office of Brainerd DUI attorney Dennis M. Lothspeich, P.A., you get an immediate response. You can call my office 24 hours a day. If it is after hours, you can leave a message and I will get back to you promptly, even on most weekends. If you are facing charges following an arrest, I vigorously defend your rights as I have done for hundreds of clients with positive results for more than 25 years.

Helping You Understand Your DUI/DWI Charges

DUI/DWI convictions come with severe penalties under Minnesota law. There are four tiers of DWI sentencing, ranging from misdemeanor to felony convictions. While most first offenses do not result in jail time, they do lead to hefty fines and are the first step toward more serious consequences if you are charged with DUI/DWI again. And a first offense can result in jail time if there are aggravating factors such as a high test result, an accident with injuries (criminal vehicular operation) or minors present in the vehicle.

I am a longtime Brainerd DUI lawyer well-acquainted with Minnesota drunk driving laws. I clearly explain what charges you face and what penalties you may incur, including:

• Jail time (from 90 days to seven years)

• Fines (ranging from $1,000 to $14,000)

• Specially coded whiskey plates that identify you to police as a driver with serial DWI offenses

• License suspension or revocation

• Installation of an interlock ignition device

• Treatment and rehabilitation requirements

Minnesota also has a strict implied consent law that requires all drivers arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated to submit to a chemical test of their blood, breath or urine. It is a crime to refuse to submit to this test. If you were unaware of this and refused, you may have your driving privileges revoked. I can help you fight to regain them.

Minnesota DUI Law Firm Handling DUI Charges For Boating, Snowmobiling And ATV Riding Under The Influence

The Brainerd Lakes area is a haven for vacationers. What many locals and visitors don’t know, though, is that it is possible to be arrested for DUI/DWI while driving a recreational vehicle. Operating a boat on one of our 10,000 lakes, driving a golf cart or jumping on a snowmobile or ATV after a few drinks could land you in jail. All of these activities are treated the same as drunk driving under Minnesota law. The law applies to driving these vehicles on ice, snow, lakes, rivers and off-road areas.

If you are arrested for operating a recreational vehicle under the influence, you need immediate help from a Brainerd Lakes DWI attorney. I know you don’t want to ruin your weekend or your holiday having to sit in jail. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to fight for your immediate release and to keep these charges from permanently damaging your criminal record.

Get The Help You Need From An Experienced DWI Lawyer — Crow Wing County Attorney Dennis M. Lothspeich

If you are facing DUI charges, I can help. I accept collect calls from jails and correctional facilities in Crow Wing and nearby counties and can arrange an immediate visit with you onsite. Call me, attorney Dennis M. Lothspeich, at 218-825-0861 for a free initial consultation, or contact the law office of Dennis M. Lothspeich, P.A., online. I charge a reasonable flat fee, which is set up front. In some cases, my fee can be comfortably spread out into monthly payments during the duration of your case. My office is conveniently located across from the Crow Wing County Court House. I am happy to schedule an evening or weekend appointment if needed.