I Will Thoroughly Examine, And Challenge, The Charges You Face

Since 1992, I have worked assiduously as a defense attorney to protect the rights of clients facing all manner of drunk driving charges. As a matter of standard practice, I examine every aspect of the allegations — from the initial stop to the legal filings — and will work to discredit any violations of your rights. Moreover, I am an experienced practitioner within Brainerd and greater Crow Wing County, and can negotiate with local opposing counsel to minimize the charges brought against you.

Will My License Be Suspended If I Get A DUI While Snowmobiling?

According to Minnesota state law, an individual can be arrested for drunk driving while operating any motorized vehicle. This includes boats, snowmobiles and ATVs. Such offenses carry severe penalties. Those charged face fines of several thousand dollars, driver’s license suspension and possible imprisonment. Repeat offenders stand to have their driver’s licenses permanently revoked. If someone is hurt in a DUI-related accident or crash, a criminal charge is likely to be brought.

If you are caught operating a recreational vehicle while drunk, it is every bit as serious as if you were driving a car.

A Knowledgeable Lawyer Can Help Restore Your Rights

In many situations, I can reduce the penalties associated with a boat crash, a snowmobile accident or an ATV accident that results from drunk driving. In fact, in some cases I can negate the charges completely.

If you have been charged with drunk driving while operating a boat, snowmobile or ATV, call the law offices of Dennis M. Lothspeich, P.A., at 218-825-0861 to arrange a free consultation, or contact me through my online form. I accept collect calls from area prisons and correctional facilities, and can arrange to meet you onsite.