The Consequences Of Causing A DUI Injury

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, nearly 25 percent of annual traffic fatalities statewide are caused by individuals driving under the influence (DUI). Likewise, alcohol-related crashes account for more than 2,000 injuries each year, many of them severe. Brainerd is not exempt. Crow Wing County was listed among Minnesota’s 15 deadliest counties with respect to drunk driving-related deaths.

Since 1987, I have represented clients in Brainerd and throughout Minnesota accused of DUI-related accidents and injuries. I have cultivated relationships with local authorities, and will examine each and every aspect of your case to determine how your charges can be lessened or dismissed. Above all, I stand ready to fight for you in court.

The Power Of An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

To dissuade impaired individuals from driving, the state imposes penalties for drunk driving that are incredibly harsh — and harsher still in situations where a DUI accident results in injury. While most drunk driving violations are considered misdemeanors, if someone is injured it will almost certainly be treated as a felony. The perpetrator will be charged not only with DUI, but also with criminal vehicular operation (CVO). If convicted, individuals face up to seven years’ imprisonment, forfeiture of their vehicle and as much as $14,000 in fines.

In many cases, a knowledgeable lawyer can work to reduce the charges brought against you. I understand how and when to challenge testimony made by an arresting officer, and know where to probe for vulnerabilities in the state’s case against you. In addition, I can work with opposing counsel to lessen the penalties you face.

A Prepared Defense Is The Only Defense

If you have been charged with causing a DUI-related accident or injury, you can contact me at 218-825-0861 or through my online form. All clients will receive my personal email address — I pride myself on being accessible, to ensure I provide the most effective representation possible.